Business English

Digital Workforce
Business English Course

If you’re an advanced English speaker who is ready to start taking on professional roles in English-speaking companies, our Business English course will set you up for success.

This course was built from the ground up to help Thai speakers master difficult English pronunciation and build a base of vocabulary that you will actually use on the job. In addition, your writing, interviewing, and negotiation skills will improve as well, thanks to our focus on the art of persuasive writing. Business case studies will also be reviewed, meaning that you’ll learn the finer points of competition, and be able to explain and analyze the many factors that can make a business succeed or fail.

If you have a passion for business and are ready for a rewarding but challenging course, Digital Workforce’s Business English course is for you. Your mastery of the English language is so close, and so possible with the help of Digital Workforce.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Use vocabulary relevant to today’s professional environment

Master difficult sounds in English

Write persuasively in English

Succeed in a job interview

Analyze business case studies