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Customer Service Course

Good customer service is more important than ever, and smart companies know that hiring well trained problem solvers is a must if they want to succeed. If you are an intermediate English speaker, you can elevate your career prospects by certifying yourself as a customer service specialist through DIGITAL workforce.

You’ll learn important English phrases and standard operating procedures for web and phone based customer service roles. Even if you’ve never had a customer service job before, as long as you’ve got a helpful nature and are willing to learn, you’ll do fine.

In addition, you’ll learn important phrases that will help you move your professional career in the English speaking office forward. Most of all, we’ll set you up for success, because your success is our success.

Improve your life, earn more money, and transform your career with the Digital workforce customer service certification course.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Learn what it takes to be a successful customer service specialist

Improve email and phone communication in English

Review best practices and standard operating procedures for customer service roles

Have a familiarity with some of the most common customer service software solutions